Sunday, December 20, 2009

As it turned out, Skye was just starting a little cold... thank goodness. Bryce and I have had the sniffles too. My boys have had enough illnesses this season! I try hard to feed them well. They love fruits and veggies! We are clean"ish"... :) , I try to make sure they get enough rest, they take really good vitamins- so I somehow feel like I have failed them when they are sick... like I could/should do more. This week I added probiotics to their diets. I do understand that it is unrealistic to expect that they never get sick, I know it is just part of being a kid and being around other kids- Mommy guilt....blerg!

We had a really fun, busy week! We had a music class party which the boys really enjoyed.
Miss Terri gave them beautiful bell instruments. Bryce had his school party and Blair and I attended two school parties with his colleagues. Today we had dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house- they hosted a "take a break" party with hot dogs and chili. It was a fun relaxing time. This week will also be busy, dear friends are coming from Georgia for a couple of days! I am VERY excited to spend time with my friend and her family!

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